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11/02/14 - An Unexpected Guest
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21/02/14 - Trial of the Heart: The Truth About Bakura?!
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17/03/14 - Tiny Trials With Bakura
21/03/14 - The Soul Alternative! Inside Harriet's Mind
23/03/14 - Bonds Between Men! A Reluctant Tolerance

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March 17th

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[Well, it was a brand new day, and everyone knew what that meant.]

Bakura! Where are you? We still need to duel again.

[With the inside of the building searched to no avail, Karasu's currently looking around outside; after all, spirit or not, he can't just up and disappear, right?]
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[He knows that name. Of course he does, it's his own. And he knows the voice too. The name escapes him a little, but he's sure once he sees her, he'll know. It's the white-haired girl, isn't it? One of his friends. So of course he'll know her once he sees her. He creeps to the edge of his branch, intent on dropping down on top of her, but unfortunately the branch isn't strong enough to hold his weight.]


[He lands with a thud on the ground in front of her.]

Ow... fuck...

[The voice is younger, less harsh, but it's hard to mistake.]
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[The yelp quickly gets Karasu's attention and she turns, only to see a... very tiny Spirit?


Are you okay?

[Okay, checking to see if the kid is wounded first, figuring out if this is actually Bakura second.]
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[Grouchily, he pushes himself off the ground, rubbing at his scraped knees carelessly. He doesn't seem injured, beyond mild scrapes and a few scratches from the branches.

Glancing up at her, he pauses, staring. Wow, she's prettier than he remembers.]

I'm fine. You're Karasu, right?
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[None the less, she looks over him, checking just in case. A few scrapes, huh... not too bad a fall, then. That's good.

The fact he knows her name doesn't really surprise her much, more erasing any doubts about who this is. As such, she just smiles a little, trying to ignore what surprise there is at this. She really shouldn't be, considering what all the place could do when it decided to...]

That's me. You're Bakura, right?
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You figured it out really fast! Congr... Con... [Hm.] Well done!

[Words like that are really annoying. He gives her a curious look. Both she and Kai figured him out really fast... It's kinda impressive. Is he that recognizable even like this? His memories are still pretty scrambled by the process of de-aging, so he's not even remotely sure.]

Your hair's really pretty. Like moonlight.
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Well... that's because you're an important friend of mine. I'd be mad at myself if I couldn't recognize you through something like this.

[He's sure different, though... it's a little weird. Guess even spirits were innocents as kids. Or was that Ryou?

...Either way, she doesn't entirely mind it.]

Thank you. I really like it too. But you know, your hair is really fluffy and pretty too, but that doesn't make you look any less tough!
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[He grins at that, nodding. Yeah, he's tough! Truthfully, it's more of a mix than he's aware of. The past 'him' that he doesn't remember, the innocence of that boy in Kul Elna, mixed with the knowledge of the future and of Ryou's youth... it leads for an interesting mixture.]

Of course it doesn't! Being pretty just means you're content with your looks! It's the ones that strive really hard to look tough that're super weak inside. They're really desperate to hide that they don't feel strong!

[Not counting him. He was just pretty tsun when he wanted to be.]
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Hmm, that's a good point! I don't think I've ever thought of that before.

[She shifts to sit on the ground by him, leaning on her legs a little.]

Do I get extra points for being a dragon?
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[personal profile] fluffydeathbitty 2014-03-21 02:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course! Dragons are really cool! There's nothing tougher!

[He draws his legs up as he sits beside her, hugging his knees to his chest.]
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Cool! I've always wanted to be tough!

[As cute as this is, she's getting curious now. Leaning forward a little, she tilts her head slightly curiously.]

Do you know how this happened?
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I dunno. I got lost in the building while looking for the pink-haired girl, and I ended up in a room I didn't know. An' when I got out, I was like this, and I couldn't remember why I was looking for her, so I just looked for the way out.

My memory's all mixed up, so I'm just having fun until it wears off.

[He meets her gaze with interest, wondering what's got her so curious.]
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I see.

[Sounds like he stumbled into one of the North Wing rooms... so about average for this place. That was a relief, at least, since she didn't have to worry about some kind of magical deaging wave or something.

...she wouldn't put it past Campus.]

Well, I was looking for you to play with... so I'll stick with you until it does, if you want!
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Really? You don't mind?

[He looks more curious now. It seems he really does have awesome friends.]

I'd like that. I don't like being alone.
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Of course not. You're my friend, so I like spending time with you. I don't like being alone either, actually. So I understand!

Is there something you want to do?
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But... I'm different right now, right? So I'm not really the same person.

I wanna do everything.
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You're different, yeah... but you're just younger. You haven't taken someone else's brain, silly!

[She reaches over to playfully push him.]

Hm... do you remember how to duel?
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[He doubts that, somehow. How can he be younger when he was never young to begin with? Unless he's reverted mentally to the state of the person he was before he became himself. Ugh, just trying to work it out makes his head hurt.]

Yeah. I think so, anyway. [But dueling doesn't sound like a lot of fun right now.]

Can we do something else, though?
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[Okay, that's a bit... strange. He must really be feeling unsettled about this, isn't he?

Karasu simply nods, moving her knee up to lean on it, still smiling without missing a beat.]

Sure thing. I don't mind. Let's see...

[Well, she knew one thing they could do.]

Want to go flying?
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. . .

I think the words I'm looking for are "fuck" and "yes".
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Aren't you a little young for that language now~?

[Sorry, she can't help but tease.]
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I'm a boy.

[He says that like it explains everything. Please, like he's some prissy girl who can't swear.]

Besides, nobody's got the right to tell me off, 'cause I don't have parents or guardians or anything. Nobody's in control of me~!

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I guess that's a good point... but having a parent would be nice sometimes, wouldn't it?
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[personal profile] fluffydeathbitty 2014-03-21 03:03 pm (UTC)(link)
...I dunno. Ryou's parents are the only ones I've really known, and one's dead and the other's been absent most of the time for years. So there's nothing I can compare it to that makes it seem worth the trouble.

I've never wanted one anyway. 'cause I've always been grown-up, so I never needed it. I never needed anyone before I came here.

[It seems Bakura's more honest in this state too.]
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[It seems so. She makes a thoughtful noise at that, looking up.]

Hm, that would make it hard... I guess it's because I can remember him that I miss my father a lot.

[Oh well. Karasu stands up, stretching some.]

Shall we?

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