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[This is a general post for threads that can't go anywhere else, to prevent making closed posts for one or two characters.

Threads here are 100% IC for [community profile] the_campus.

11/02/14 - An Unexpected Guest
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21/02/14 - Trial of the Heart: The Truth About Bakura?!
24/02/14 - Just Die Already! Sibyll Versus the Ring
17/03/14 - Tiny Trials With Bakura
21/03/14 - The Soul Alternative! Inside Harriet's Mind
23/03/14 - Bonds Between Men! A Reluctant Tolerance

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Ryou? Ryou, could you come help me with something?

[Sibyll's voice drifts out from the art classroom.]
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[The strong scent of metal greets him as he walks into the room. The Courier appears to be at work making new bullets for her gun. The room is fairly warm from the kiln, and its vent is running. About twenty or so freshly cast bullets lay neatly in several rows on the counter, and Sibyll is holding what looks to be a mold in a bucket of water.]

Oh, thanks for coming, sweetie. Would you hold onto this while I switch off the kiln? I just need an extra set of hands. You don't have to do anything besides hold it there while that batch cools.
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[Inwardly, she steels herself to act, but her expression is nothing but smiles. It's harder when it's Ryou, but ultimately it will be for his own good.]

It's a useful skill when ammo is hard to scare up.

[The woman takes two careful steps away, casually reaching for her gun. Then she spins around, catching the poor boy upside the head. She had aimed her strike carefully, avoiding his face. After all, she wanted to stun him, not seriously injure him.]
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I'm sorry, honey, but this was the only way. I'll patch you up as soon as I'm done here.

[She swims back into his vision. As fast as a snake's strike, she reaches out and grabs at the Ring, yanking it off his neck with as much strength as she can muster. It may not help, but her hands are still encased in the thick gloves she was using earlier.]
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[She starts a little when she hears his voice echoing around in her head, but holds onto the Ring with an iron grip.]

You've had your talons in Ryou for long enough.

[With a snarl at the Ring, she lifts the lid of the kiln open. She's doused in a wave of heat. With her free hand, she shields her face. The other arm flings the gold necklace into the kiln. Then Sibyll slams the lid shut and locks it, pressing in a few commands on the keypad.

Back over to the now free Ryou, she gently helps him to his feet.]

Come on, we need to get out of here. I've modified the kiln to burn hotter then it's supposed to and I don't know what's going to happen. Just so long as I turn that thing into slag.
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[She hadn't been expecting that, not when he mentioned that it was the only memento of his father. But she smiles and hugs him back, even kissing him lightly on the forehead.]

Sorry about the hit on the head. I didn't want him to try anything.
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[Her eyes fly open in horror. She places her hands on the boy's shoulders and pushes him back to stare into his changed face.]

No! That's not possible! You should be melted to the damn floor of the kiln by now!
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[Her expression of horror morphed into one of fury, naked hate. He didn't need to ask twice. Sibyll grabbed the necklace again, yanking it free. She flung it at the work table and grabbed a hammer. Over and over she brought the hammer down on the Ring.]
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[Her eyes narrow, and she turns back to Ryou.]

Get out of the room. I don't want you to accidentally get hit in the ricochet.

[Then she turns back to the Ring, pulling a set of protective goggles. Once Ryou is in the clear, she opens fire on the gold Ring.]
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[It took everything in her power not to yell out in frustration. She wasn't about to give him the satisfaction. No. She had to think. Forcing herself to breathe, Sibyll paces back and forth, trying to think.

Stepping closer, she looks at the Ring suspiciously. A thought occurred to her, but it was crazy. On the other hand, so was this whole situation. So time to go with insane.

She takes a couple more deep breaths, trying to replace her anger with a different, less destructive emotion. Slowly, almost as if she's afraid it would spring to life, Sibyll reaches for the Ring and takes it in one gloved hand. She presses it against her breast, right by her heart and focuses. She focuses on the warm she holds for Ryou, the maternal affection the spirit in the Ring finds so foreign. Funneling every ounce of her strong will, she tries to shove all that emotion into the gold necklace.]

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