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[This is a general post for threads that can't go anywhere else, to prevent making closed posts for one or two characters.

Threads here are 100% IC for [community profile] the_campus.

11/02/14 - An Unexpected Guest
21/02/14 - Finally, No More Pantomime!
21/02/14 - Trial of the Heart: The Truth About Bakura?!
24/02/14 - Just Die Already! Sibyll Versus the Ring
17/03/14 - Tiny Trials With Bakura
21/03/14 - The Soul Alternative! Inside Harriet's Mind
23/03/14 - Bonds Between Men! A Reluctant Tolerance

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A surprise guest

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[Having stayed over the night before, Harriet's found herself the first one awake. ... Which is a bit awkward. Not feeling like getting off the couch yet, she eventually picks up the nearby video game to idly mess with it.]
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It's fi-?

[DOORSLAM. Harriet blinks.]

... Okaaaay ...

[she'll just- go back to her game then? While he gets some pants? This morning is already weird.]
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[Malik was sitting up now, that scream startling him from his sleep. He looks over at Ryou, seemingly just as bewildered.]

What's wro-- [And then it hits him. His expression relaxes, and he lets out a little laugh.] Oi, oi, Ryou-kun, what are you screaming about? I got you a new roommate, just like you wanted!
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[Well at least Ryou believed it. Of course his reasoning had nothing to do with their compromise, but why not kill two birds with one stone, so to speak?]

I figured Harriet was somebody we could both agree on~ After all, we were going to invite her to play Monster World anyway, so why not?

[Clearly these two trains of thought are entirely related.]
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Actually, I had more reasons than that. [He shrugs his shoulders.] What kind of friend would I be if I didn't help someone when they needed me most, hm?

[It wasn't entirely untrue, but he was still hamming it up.]
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[Malik stretches and yawns. He was still tired from exhausting himself the night before; he'd pushed himself further than usual.]

You better go apologize~ Kahah. I'll be up in a little bit.
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Hm? [She blinks again at being approached with such determination. Ryou, you're funny.]

Err... I'm not picky. I was probably going to put some tea on though.

[She smiles a bit. It's actually nice to see him - it's been a while, though she definitely startled him.]

I hope my being here isn't too much of a problem?
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Oh it's fine. Seriously. I'm the one that showed up unexpected, after all. But I'm happy you don't mind.

[she's not sure how long it'll take to decide what to do. If she can patch things up with Henry, or find another place. She doesn't plan to take more than a few days, but who knows.]

I'm not allergic, no... thank you for asking! [he's such a thoughtful guy. Though remembering last night and breakfast, she suddenly wonders if she should have told him she's allergic to natto. ...But he wouldn't, right?]

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Oh... [Harriet says nothing more. She doesn't have the heart to tell him she comes over to watch movies all the time. At least he went straight to the kitchen so there wasn't an awkward silence. Her eyes shift back down to the game which she prods at blankly, trying not to think about that. Meanwhile she keeps an ear out, a bit curious of what he could be taking so long to make.

The breakfast he comes back with is like nothing she's seen before. She's not sure what she was expecting - she really hadn't thought of it at all. Well, this'll be a new experience? Harriet quickly flashes a friendly grin as he puts the first tray down, but doesn't say anything until after he goes back. He might hear her still, though.]

Wow. [well it doesn't seem bad. No natto! And there are a lot of side dishes. Does he always cook this many, she wonders? Even if it's normal, when he returns she's sure to admire it.]

Thanks for making all of this!

[...does she have to use chopsticks though. what do]
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Er, no worries!

[What was that? She's about to ask, but on second thought, it didn't look like he was talking to her, so she just gives another appreciative look and then briefly surveys the food again to decide what to try first. Well, the soup should probably be eaten before it gets cold, so she goes with that. It tastes of fish, somewhat... it's pretty good though.]

Ah, thanks again.

[she has another few spoonfuls before speaking up again.]

So how have you been, anyway? I haven't seen the real you since that whole amnesia thing... you were a real help back then!
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That's right. The next day I woke up remembering everything, and except for Jack asking me some questions, it was like it had never even happened.

[...And then Jack disappeared, just like he had never been there. Harriet frowns sadly for a moment, but she doesn't want to bother Ryou with it.]

Very few things are permanent here. Everything changes so quickly.
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But good things don't either. Truly, we are living in the moment.

[Harriet quietly tries the rest of her food. The fish is pretty salty, she's not used to that. But the rice is a counterbalance to that, and she decides it's indeed tasty. She's realizing she said something a bit gloomy, so she tries to put a good spin on it.]

So, you been to the arcade and the gameroom yet?

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