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[Henry actually knew about secrets quite well, and the need to keep some. He might not have approved, but he would understand.

As it is, he's in the forest before too long, smiling and reaching out to hug the smaller boy.]

Ryou. It's good to see you.
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It's all right. [He falls serious, letting go to brush Ryou's hair up some.] I figured something serious had happened. What is it? Are you all right?
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[Hm... he has a feeling it's more than that, but he simply nods a little. Reaching out, he does the usual check for the Ring, just to be absolutely sure. He knows Bakura isn't above pretending to be Ryou, and it's easy enough to hide the check as another hug.

...Good. No Ring.]

If it's something that requires you to sleep for "a while," I'm certain it's nothing good at all. Very well. We'll increase the intensity of the lessons, but that will require you to come back to me for them the next few days in a row if you want to get the most out of it. Can you manage that?