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13/10/13 - Emergency Evacuation

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[It was late into the night, and Malik was still awake. Bakura had been foolish enough to take in that "original" version of himself, and that meant he knew were they lived. The same man that Bakura himself had warned him of! His Rod and his life were at risk right now because of that fool's actions.

It made it impossible to sleep, and had it not been for the difficulty involved in finding a empty room and various other distractions, he would have done it as soon as he came home that day.]

Ugh... [Through the darkness he shifts to look over at Ryou's supine form. After a moment, Malik slides off his own bed and steps over to hover by the other boy.]

Oy...Ryou. [He gives him a harsh nudge.] Or Bakura. I don't care--wake up!
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[Malik crosses his arms when Ryou starts to rise, his own impatience and paranoia doing the same.]

I want to get out of here. It's not safe. The Spirit made a stupid decision the other day, bringing someone dangerous in here.

I would normally just tell him, but I have a feeling he'd be a stubborn fool and just make things more difficult.

[Bakura seemed prone to getting attached to material things; the apartment might be no different.]
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Let's just go now while we still have the cover of dark, and the chance that that man might be asleep. The Spirit can deal with the change in the morning. This is his own fault!

[He glances towards the door out of the bedroom.] All we really need to move is the Monster World set anyway,
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[Malik smirks, taking a step back and reaching into his pocket to pull out his deck.]

Hurry and take care of the set, then. I'm going to send a few scouts out so we don't waste precious time by searching.

[He pulls three cards from the top of his deck, pausing with them held fast between his fingertips.]

Keh keh...don't act too surprised, okay? I'm about to do something frightening.
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You're about to find out, Ryou-kun! Now...

[Without another word, Malik summons Twin-Headed Behemoth (which ends up breaking the bunk bed behind him), Spirit Reaper, and Man-Eater Bug.]

Spirit Reaper, Man-Eater Bug--go search the dorm areas for an empty room we can use! Be quiet about it. If you see anybody wearing a long robe with dark skin, return to the darkness immediately!

[He turns his head to Behemoth.] You stay with us, as protection.

[The monster lets out a low growl, stepping closer to the two of them in a protective manner.]
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Oy, oy, Ryou! Didn't I give you an order? Go pack up the set!

[For once, he sounds more amused than cruelly demanding.]
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[He's definitely demanding this time.] The Monster World set!
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[While Ryou busies himself with that, Malik simply follows him into the other room, sitting nearby with Twin-Headed Behemoth as guard.

It takes quite awhile, but his scouts eventually come back. Man-Eater Bug appears dejected, while Spirit Reaper excited at its own success.]

We've got a room.
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...Strange? [It's a confused mutter, but Malik doesn't take time to dwell on it.

He points towards the bags.]

Man-Eater Bug, carry these, and be careful with them! [His gaze turns back to Ryou.] We're ready, then?
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They just appeared when we moved in here...if not, we can worry about that later.

[He folds his arms, looking thoughtfully at the dorm around them.]

I wonder if that man will be less likely to look for us if I destroy the room, or if I keep it intact...
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... [He's not sure why, but he's kind of irked by that comment.]

Well hurry up! We don't have all night.

[Ignoring Ryou now, he lightly gestures to the room around him.]

Behemoth, Reaper! Destroy everything that isn't what we've packed, and leave the bedroom until Ryou's come out!

[LET THE HAVOC BEGIN! The snapping of furniture and the crumbling of drywall can be heard far down the hall.]
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[As soon as Ryou's out, the monsters lumber towards the bedroom, giving it the same treatment as the rest of the dorm.]

Yes. Let's go.

[He turns, heading for the door.] Behemoth, Reaper, come on!

[The two monsters make their way back out and stay close to Malik, and to Ryou by proxy.]
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[Malik glances over when Ryou loops his arm around his, and while he's surprised by the gesture he says nothing against it.]

It's across the school, but if we take the North hall it won't be too long of a walk. It's better that way anyway, since we'll be in a completely different area from where he'd expect us to be. It's closer to the gym too. Maybe we can have a routine together...
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