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Ryou Bakura / Yami Bakura ([personal profile] fluffydeathdealer) wrote2013-08-31 07:41 pm

[OOC] Episode Guide and Analysis 1 (Incomplete)

This is a guide specifically to the Bakura-related scenes and episodes of the Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monsters anime, for both my quick reference, and that of anyone else who may be interested.

This will be done in comments, with a specific layout - the Episode Number and title, followed by separate threads for images and scripts, to lower strain on users. Each will also have a separate thread for my comments and notes, and any comments other people wish to put in. For episodes with separate Bakura scenes, I will be separating the thread into multiple comments per scene, to reduce image overload.


The Terrifying Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Trap of Illusionist No-Face
Exodia the Lost One
The Insector Combo
Black Flame! Red Eyes Black Dragon!
Metamorpot's Trap! The Flame Swordsman in Danger
A Pitch-Black Duel! The Castle Concealed in the Darkness
Cut Through the Darkness! Sealing Swords of Light
Clash! Blue-Eyes VS. Red-Eyes
Fear! Call of the Living Dead
Shield in Left Hand, Sword in Right Hand
Labyrinth Tag Duel

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