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[OOC] Voice Samples!

If anyone was wondering what the Bakuras sound like, take your pick; I've got samples of most of the different VAs. It's a good way to tell the difference between the two as well... The links lead to the comments, as I ended up with too many clips to stick in the top post.

Tsutomu Kashiwakura - Toei JP Voice Actor
You Inoue - Duel Monsters JP Voice Actor (Duelist Kingdom)
Rica Matsumoto - Duel Monsters JP Voice Actor (Battle City Onwards)
Chuck Powers - Singapore Dub
Ted Lewis - 4Kids

He has a great range, na?

For translations or other samples, please do feel free to leave a comment

1. This is Rica Matsumoto's "redo" of You Inoue's line. In the flashback, they redid the dialogue so it sounds more natural and in sync with the newer voice.