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Millennium Ring

The Millennium Ring can...

  • Detect things or people, like a magical GPS.

  • Sense emotions

  • Sense the nature of people

  • Detect dark magic

  • Kill the wearer

  • Suppress memories

  • Throw off other Items' powers

  • Paralyse people temporarily (30 seconds or so)

  • Attack people in a non-harmful manner by throwing them back (can be resisted by Item use) (formerly Ancient Egyptian Laser Beams)

  • Put people to sleep

  • Steal and move souls

  • Split souls and infuse them into people and objects

  • Cast illusions

  • Materialize monsters

  • Allow the wielder to use spell cards as actual spells

  • Manifest the world of darkness

  • Initiate dark games with other Item holders

  • Initiate penalty games with those who have offended the wielder and curse the loser

  • Return to its' host by teleportation or flying

  • Stab the host to prevent removal

  • Enhance the physical abilities of the user

  • Allows the host to temporarily eavesdrop on conversations several feet away

Magic Cards

Spell cards that Bakura has used in canon or in game are listed below.

Card Effect First Used
Chain Energy Temporarily binds the target with glowing unbreakable bonds. Anime (Episode 38)
Dark Sanctuary Casts the illusion of being there. Campus (September 15th)
Dark World Lightning Causes a lightning strike to detonate nearby. High cost spell. Campus (December 15th)
Final Flame Causes a constant burst of fire. High cost spell. Campus (January 19th)