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[This is a general post for one shot scenarios set in Campus, but started after its' demise. Longer-term scenarios will come under the standalone tag!]

Painful(ly Embarrassing) Revelations
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[This is a general post for threads that can't go anywhere else, to prevent making closed posts for one or two characters.

Threads here are 100% IC for [community profile] the_campus.

11/02/14 - An Unexpected Guest
21/02/14 - Finally, No More Pantomime!
21/02/14 - Trial of the Heart: The Truth About Bakura?!
24/02/14 - Just Die Already! Sibyll Versus the Ring
17/03/14 - Tiny Trials With Bakura
21/03/14 - The Soul Alternative! Inside Harriet's Mind
23/03/14 - Bonds Between Men! A Reluctant Tolerance


Card List!

Sep. 1st, 2013 09:04 pm
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This is the canon list of Yami Bakura's cards. Initially, I had him using the Occult Deck from Battle City, but with a few older cards added in to pad it out. Some cards had been added from his later canon decks.

-Since the events involving the Rose Duelists, he's been working to upgrade his deck.
-Thanks to the help of Judai Yuki, he also now has some GX cards in his newer deck.
-He briefly also held Ra as collateral, but did not use it.
-He previously held Diabound Kernel, but gave it to the thief king in a rare gesture of generosity.

Occult Deck
Darkness Lockdown

+ Going by anime rules. This only applies to ones where there's an option between anime and TCG.


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