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fluffydeathdealer: Yami Bakura (ani: get out of me)
Name: Ryō Bakura / Ryou Bakura
Pronunciation: Sample A | Sample B | Sample C
Voice Actors: You Inoue, Rica Matsumoto, Tsutomu Kashiwakura, Ted Lewis, Chuck Powers (Samples)

Age: 16 (17 in Campus)
Birthday: September 2nd (Official)
Family: Mother (Deceased), Sister (Deceased), Father (Yoichi), possibly descended from or reincarnated from Thief King Bakura.
Height: 176 cm / 5ft 9ins
Weight: 52kb / 8 stone / 114 lbs
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Blue in first anime, white-grey with purple hints in official art, white with purple hints in second anime, white in manga. For RP purposes, going with white.
Eye Color: Green in first anime, brown in second anime and manga. For RP purposes going with brown.
Clothing Style: Casual, old-fashioned, student-like. He's very neat and formal.
Notable Clothing: Millennium Ring hanging around neck.
Notable Speech Traits: Formal, Polite, Higher pitch

Favourite Food: Profiteroles (Cream Puffs)


Name: Unknown, goes by Bakura, later goes by Zorc Necrophades in manga but answers to either
Pronunciation: Sample A | Sample B | Sample C
Voice Actors: You Inoue, Rica Matsumoto, Tsutomu Kashiwakura, Ted Lewis, Chuck Powers (Samples)

Age: At least 3023 years old
Birthday: Unknown
Family: Mother (Deceased, spirit absolved), Father (Deceased, spirit absolved), Thief King Bakura (progenitor), Zorc Necrophades (progenitor). It's complicated.
Height: Same as Host
Weight: same as Host
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Same as Host
Hair Color: Same as Host
Eye Color: In first anime, purple. Otherwise same as Host
Clothing Style: Prefers loose clothing, long coats, unfastened shirts. Tends to look unkempt.
Notable Speech Traits: Slangish, casual, sarcastic
Notable Clothing: Millennium Ring hanging around neck.

Favourite Food: Raw-ish meat, anything with blood
fluffydeathdealer: Yami Bakura (One.. two... I'm coming for you...)
☟ Beaten Up
✯ Beaten in Game
☥ Soul Stolen
♠ Penalty Game'd
✝ Killed
⌛ Manga/Season Zero Only

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Card List!

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This is the canon list of Yami Bakura's cards. Initially, I had him using the Occult Deck from Battle City, but with a few older cards added in to pad it out. Some cards had been added from his later canon decks.

-Since the events involving the Rose Duelists, he's been working to upgrade his deck.
-Thanks to the help of Judai Yuki, he also now has some GX cards in his newer deck.
-He briefly also held Ra as collateral, but did not use it.
-He previously held Diabound Kernel, but gave it to the thief king in a rare gesture of generosity.

Occult Deck
Darkness Lockdown

+ Going by anime rules. This only applies to ones where there's an option between anime and TCG.
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This is a guide specifically to the Bakura-related scenes and episodes of the Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monsters anime, for both my quick reference, and that of anyone else who may be interested.

This will be done in comments, with a specific layout - the Episode Number and title, followed by separate threads for images and scripts, to lower strain on users. Each will also have a separate thread for my comments and notes, and any comments other people wish to put in. For episodes with separate Bakura scenes, I will be separating the thread into multiple comments per scene, to reduce image overload.

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If anyone was wondering what the Bakuras sound like, take your pick; I've got samples of most of the different VAs. It's a good way to tell the difference between the two as well... The links lead to the comments, as I ended up with too many clips to stick in the top post.

Tsutomu Kashiwakura - Toei JP Voice Actor
You Inoue - Duel Monsters JP Voice Actor (Duelist Kingdom)
Rica Matsumoto - Duel Monsters JP Voice Actor (Battle City Onwards)
Chuck Powers - Singapore Dub
Ted Lewis - 4Kids

He has a great range, na?

For translations or other samples, please do feel free to leave a comment

1. This is Rica Matsumoto's "redo" of You Inoue's line. In the flashback, they redid the dialogue so it sounds more natural and in sync with the newer voice.