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fluffydeathdealer: Ryou (Does this make my hair look big?)

What complete fools you are.

I won't let you have your way anymore!

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Created on 2013-07-11 04:17:05 (#2052022), last updated 2017-03-20 (26 weeks ago)

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Name:Ryou Bakura / Yami Bakura
Birthdate:Sep 2
Location:Domino City, Japan

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 114.64 lb
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Male

Canon Point: The Battle City Tournament, after his defeat by Yugi but before fighting Dark Malik.

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Interests (39):

arcades, being a fluffy bastard, blood, board games, card games, carnage, change of heart, chaos, collecting millennium items, collecting souls, cooking, crafts, cream puffs, creeping people out, defeating the pharaoh, dming, friends, getting rid of evil spirits, ghosts, having a pet dragon, horror movies, how does i friends, knives, licking people inappropriately, misdirection, monster world, neopolitan movie nights, not being possessed anymore, not having dead friends, occult bullshit, penalty gaming, revenge, shadow games, stupid movies, suffering, trpgs, tsunning, world of darkness, writing to the dead
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