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Re: Yami Bakura

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He also has dialogue for when you destroy half his team, and when he destroys half your team. I also found some new dialogue for when his turn begins and if you destroy his monsters--usually if he has an advantage.

(if he destroys half your monsters) Hmmm... I should have been able to dispose of his army quicker...

(if duel is going well) Ha ha ha... Are you sure you want to face me with those pathetic monsters?
(if duel's going well) I’ve had practice matches that were more competitive, Yugi!
(if you hit him hard, but he’s still in the lead) Heh. Lucky hit.
(making a heavy attack but he’s still in the lead) Heh... I can sense your desperation...

And the best one of all...

(if you’re making a comeback) I let you have that one to be nice, but don’t expect me to be nice again!
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Re: Yami Bakura

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I also got "Ha ha ha ha! You're weak, Yugi!" when Yami Bakura started a turn and was winning.

...Half the fun of the game is seeing you or your opponents taunt each other XD
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Deleted XD Now we have a new thread :-)

Monster Capsule GB worked fine on VBA for me. I did a runthrough of the whole game without understanding a word of it, thanks mostly to event flags being signified with a chime. I only needed Youtube help once and that was to break down a wall I didn't know was breakable XD Here's my tag of that and MCB&B.

I'm not surprised you missed those Capsule Monster Coliseum quotes--I made what I thought was a full catalog of Bandit Keith's quotes months ago (only missing his idle dialogue, which I couldn't activate) only to have to add two more a couple days ago upon replaying him and finding new ones.

I also found new quotes from Yami Bakura and Ryou in Dungeon Dice Monsters! They have dialogue if you lose to them, and sometimes their dialogue differs randomly.

Also, Ryou's gonna appear in the new movie! :D
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Found new DDM Yami Bakura dialogue too.
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I was playing Destiny Board Traveler and discovered the characters have quotes for when they run out of LP! I was playing as Yami Bakura at the time. Since we were playing in the Graveyard map, Joey foolishly stepping on a special space brought him back to life with full LP. XD

Yami Bakura: *dies* Hahaha! Don’t think this is over!