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Canon Victims List (Spoilers)

☟ Beaten Up
✯ Beaten in Game
☥ Soul Stolen
♠ Penalty Game'd
✝ Killed
⌛ Manga/Season Zero Only


⌛✯☥ All of Ryou's friends before Yugi
⌛♠☥ Mr Karita
✝ Shadi
✝ Pegasus' Guards
☟ Pegasus J. Crawford (Maximillian Pegasus)
✝⌛ Pegasus J. Crawford (Maximillian Pegasus)
☟ Some Guy
☟⌛ Multiple Black Crown Guards
♠✯☥ Ghost Kotsuzuka (Bonz)
☟☥ Takaido (Sid)
☥ Satake (Zygor)
⌛☥ Nameless God-Cards Thief
☟ Insector Haga (Weevil Underwood)
☟ Dinosaur Ryuuzaki (Rex Raptor)
☟ Mokuba Kaiba

Ryou Bakura (Penetrated by Ring, stabbed in hand, stabbed in arm...)
Bandit Keith (Bodyslammed while possessed)
Solomon Muto (Put to sleep/Possibly briefly comatose'd?)
Hiroto Honda (Briefly grabbed by throat and choked)
Karim (Indirect)