fluffydeathdealer: Yami Bakura (You little bitch)
Ryou Bakura / Yami Bakura ([personal profile] fluffydeathdealer) wrote2017-03-20 04:55 am

[Ahalpuh] Activity Log



Date Link Characters Description
11/3/17 Base Killua, Yami Yugi Arrival at Rhoades Coliseum
12/3/17 Base | Thread Banica Conchita Discussion of Evillious, zombies, gluttony demons and mild plans
16/3/17 Base | Thread Harriet Vaughn Commiserating with violent thoughts
28/3/17 Base Crow Hogan, Sherlock Holmes, Flowey, Dark Yugi Feasting at Rhoades Coliseum
28/3/17 Base | Thread Bucky Barnes N/A (Thread stopped due to character drop.)


Date Link Characters Description
16/4/17 Base | Thread Prompto Argentum ?
18/4/17 Base Erhard Muller Medical Research
19/4/17 Base Jack Atlas Coffee Shop shenanigans
25/4/17 Base Banica Conchita N/A


Date Link Characters Description
2/5/17 Base Erhard, Sherlock The wounded gazelle doctor's first big change.
17/5/17 Base Jack Atlas Ripping out feathers
19/5/17 Base Prompto Argentum Misconceptions

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