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[Ahalpuh] Monster Information

Basic Information

Bakura's monster type is Harpy. His design's based off of the white-backed vulture (Wikilink)

Current Status

All physical changes except for his tail have been completed.

Physical Changes

  • Bakura's plumage is quite distinct. The feathers that can be seen on his body are a fairly dark brown, save for the feathers on his back, which are white. Likewise, his wings have a layer of white feathers across the top of the wings, but the other layers are all dark.
  • Aside from his arms, which are entirely feathered now due to being wings, he also has feathers along his back (down to shortly above his waist) and along his legs, from shortly above his ankles to most of the way up his thighs.
  • There is a small layer of white feathers at the back of his neck.
  • His arms have been converted into arm wings, from which clawed hands are settled at the end.
  • The feathery bird tail that he has is typical of the species, with short, dark feathers that form a distinctive fan shape at the base of his spine.
  • His talons are quite regular for raptors, anisodactylous (three toes in front, one in the back). Like the bird he's based off of, he has long white toes with sharp talons dipping out of them.

Mental Changes

  • The desire to drop prey from high places.
  • A preference for dive-dombing victims.
  • The compulsion to hunt and kill humans
  • Compulsion to eat in high places


  • Wind magic capable of blowback but not damage. It can only be used within line of sight.
  • Enhanced eyesight
  • Sound and voice imitation
  • Ventriloquism
  • Throwing his voice
  • A banshee wail capable of shattering glass (so on the same level of some of his laughs then)

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